Weaving mill

Muvantex has a modern weaving mill using a wide range of different types of looms. These enable us to respond to the needs of the market rapidly. The recent investments in looms with a weaving width of 70 cm and 140 cm provide additional possibilities in the area of design applications. We attach great importance to always improving and modernising our machinery, therefore we continue to invest in it year after year.

Apart from these investments, the central network is also constantly brought up-to-date. Besides the latest hardware, we use modern software for the design.  Our team has a pronounced feeling for textiles and, using the latest techniques, this all benefits the creativity and aesthetics. Every creation is therefore flexibly managed right through to production.

The internal quality control is carried out by people with the necessary experience and according to the strictest rules. In all steps of the production process, we consider the environment, the health of our employees, and the end users of the weaves. This enables us to always guarantee the supply of a good quality according to the current legislation and standards.

Above all, Muvantex is renowned for its flexibility and service to its customers. The renovated warehouse with a modern order picking system and the reliable partners in transport are the final elements in the short process between initial design and on-time delivery.